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DotDotPet a distinctive pet care brand redefining pet parenting for modern lifestyles

Pet parenting redefined

At DotDotPet we have created a unique range of products to meet your pet's lifestyle.

Our wellness dog & cat treats contain Nutra-plasm an immune boosting formulation, helping to fight impact of inflammation. They are crafted from natural, sustainable ingredients & are highly palatable.

Our conditioning dog shampoos feature a pet loved fragrance, created with your dogs nose in mind, helping create a calmer bath time, the formulation is deep cleansing, vegan, with a prebio for a healthy skin & coat.

Our award winning dog towels are sustainable, natural, super soft, quick drying & convenient.

We care about the health of your pet

As pet parents we can choose to eat healthily, exercise and take vitamins to maintain our health and wellbeing, our pets cannot make this choice. DotDotPet's aim is to ensure you can access high quality, natural wellness treats helping your pet live as healthily & happily as possible.

All of our unique daily pet treats include nutra-plasm a whole body health formulation that has raft of scientifically proven health benefits for your fur baby. Our treats boast natural sustainable ingredients sourced as by-products of the human food chain, helping to reduce food waste.

Inspiration behind our dog shampoos?

As pet parents ourselves, we understand that dogs are amazing animals and incredibly diverse; from their sense of smell, type of coat, colour, size, and personality - every dog is unique. We believe that dogs deserve products that recognise and celebrate their diversity.

All of our dog shampoos have been formulated with your pet in mind. Each of our dog shampoos feature the same pet-preferred scent that is kind to sensitive noses, helping to reduce anxiety, leading to a calmer, zoomies free bath time. Another bonus for pet parents; it is easier teaching your pup to associate bath time with a positive reward. Your dog can be trained to associate the smell of our shampoo with a positive reward, further helping them to relax at bath time.

Our shampoos are vegan, crafted for coat type and feature a prebio, making it easy for you to meet the individual needs of your beloved pet.  

Eco-conscious approach

As a modern brand, sustainability is just as important to us as it is to you, which is why, where possible DotDotPet’s products are responsibly sourced and sustainably made. From our Eco Towels to the ingredients that go into our shampoos & treats we are conscious to limit our environmental impact.

We have award winning products

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Biodegradable Pet Towels

Our hygienic, disposable towels are fully biodegradable and cost effective.
No more smelly dog towels in the car or house

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