How to select the right dog walker for you and your pup

How to select the right dog walker for you and your pup

Regular exercise is essential for your canine companion's overall health and well-being. Whether it's for physical fitness, socialisation, or the sheer joy of exploration, dogs thrive on walks. However, with shifting work schedules, finding the time to meet your dog's exercise needs can be challenging. This is where a professional dog walker can step in to help. As the field lacks national qualifications, selecting a reliable and trustworthy dog walker can be overwhelming. At DotDotPet, we understand the importance of making the right choice for your fur baby. To guide you through this process, we've created a practical and informative guide.

Understanding Your Dog's Needs

Before embarking on your search for a dog walker, assess your dog's exercise requirements. Determine whether your dog needs a short break during the day or a longer outing for full exercise. This understanding will shape your selection criteria.

Navigating the world of professional dog walkers requires careful consideration to ensure your pup's safety and happiness. Here are the key factors to consider:


1. Seek Recommendations

Start by seeking recommendations from friends, family, your local veterinarian, or trustworthy social media influencers. Reading reviews on their website or social media can provide valuable insights into their service quality.


2. Evaluate Qualifications and Training

A reputable dog walker should possess a dog first aid certification and stay updated on modern dog handling and behaviour techniques. This ensures that they can manage any unforeseen situations that may arise during walks.


3. Independent vs. Company

Decide whether you prefer an independent dog walker or a company with multiple walkers. Both have their pros and cons, so weigh your options carefully.


4. Insurance Coverage

Inquire about their insurance coverage and the maximum number of dogs they walk at once. This information assures your peace of mind regarding your dog's safety.


5. Transportation and Safety

Understand how the dog walker transports dogs. Ensure their vehicle is clean, well-ventilated, and equipped with secure crates or containers designed for pet transportation.


6. Address Specific Behavioural Needs

If your dog has behavioural concerns like anxiety or poor recall, discuss these issues with the potential dog walker. A knowledgeable walker should provide strategies to address these issues.


7. Important Discussions

Engage in open conversations with the potential dog walker to address crucial matters:

  • Emergency protocols
  • Equipment used (harness, lead, etc.)
  • Walk duration, location, and pick-up/drop-off details
  • Key and home security protocols (if applicable)
  • Policies regarding vaccination and flea/worm control
  • Acceptable treats for your dog
  • Cancellation policies and notice requirements


Matching Your Dog’s Needs To The Dog Walker

Choosing the right dog walker is a vital decision for your dog's well-being. By understanding your dog's needs, seeking recommendations, evaluating qualifications, and discussing important details, you can make an informed choice. At DotDotPet, we're committed to helping you provide the best care for your furry friend. With this guide in hand, you can confidently select a dog walker who will ensure your pet receives the exercise and attention they deserve.

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