The Power of NutraPlasm - Immune boosting naturally anti-inflammatory

The Power of NutraPlasm - Immune boosting naturally anti-inflammatory

The Power of NutraPlasm - Immune boosting naturally anti-inflammatory

NutraPlasm is DotDotPet's trade marked wellness ingredient within our Multifit functional treats. It contains both Plasma and Collagen which have hundreds of scientific papers demonstrating their effectiveness at supporting whole body health in animals. 

How can NutraPlasm have so many health benefits?

Aging is the natural process for us and our pets, much of the impact of aging on our bodies is caused by inflammation. When chronic inflammation occurs the whole body is affected down to tissue level, most common impacts are:

  • Changes in mobility
  • Compromised gut health, digestion and absorption
  • Reduced appetite 
  • Reduced cognitive function
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Poor skin and coat condition

By maintaining a health diet you can support your pets immune system and ability to manage impact of inflammation.

NutraPlasm is a whole body health ingredient attacking inflammation at source. Consumed orally, the functional proteins contained in NutraPlasm don't interfere with the body's natural response, but instead they help the immune system to response more quickly and effectively.

For Pets of all Ages.

Development of the young animal requires good nutritional support while minimizing the effects of inflammation and stress. Plasma provides proteins and amino acids while modulating intestinal inflammation to maintain intestinal barrier function for development and nutrient uptake. This allows our young pets the opportunity to grow and develop properly.

Plasma in adult pet diets helps them overcome negative impacts many stressors can have on their bodies. Plasma in an adult pet diet provides nutrients and support of the total immune system. This allows the adult pet to potentially experience less of the effect of stressors from the different inflammatory events and be more active.

Aging pets tend to experience inflammation at higher levels than at other life stages. In an aging pet, stressors may lead to many negative consequences, such as reduced mobility, cognitive function, strength, and compromised intestinal health. Plasma modulates inflammation both in the intestinal tract and systemically in the body, preventing cognition loss and reducing intestinal inflammation. Consumed by aging animals, plasma can support and improve overall wellbeing in later life stages.

Offering Multifits treats can help add to lifelong well-being. Whether helping a juvenile pet develop strong bones and muscles, keeping adult pets in optimal health, or helping ease the overall negative impacts inflammation has on senior pets, plasma offers whole body health benefits for every life stage.

Finding holistic methods to support normal immune and inflammatory responses is important to keeping pets healthy and enjoying a long life. Inflammation is more than sore joints. When stress or chronic inflammation occurs, the whole body is affected down to the various tissue levels.


Plasma is naturally sourced as a by product of the human food chain, helping to reduce food waste and impact on the environment. 

The other ingredients in our Multifit treats are sustainably source locally to our manufacturing facilitating meaning we can trace the origin of the ingredients and reduce the CO2 of production by limiting food miles. 

Multifits are a great choice for maintaining your pets overall health.


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