How do I train my cat? Tips on cat training

How do I train my cat? Tips on cat training

We all know that our faithful canine companions can be trained and needs to form part of a puppies development, however have you ever considered training your cat? It may seem strange given their independent often aloof characteristics but your cat can be trained. They can learn to follow various commands and even lear a few tricks, training your cat can ba a fantastic bonding experience.  

The first place to start is an understanding of motivations and behaviours; is your cat a foodie, do they love a cuddle or playtime? Use one or a combination of these positive rewards, punishment or negative reinforcement is likely to be counterproductive and will probably stop your cat from wanting to learn. 

3 training tips for cats:

1. Clicker training - use a clicker to mark a desired behaviour, such as using the litter tray, followed immediately by a positive reward. It is effective because it communicates to your cat it has performed the correct action

2. Learn through repetition - consistent training sessions help reinforce behaviours, strengthen your bond and help the cat develop a routine 

3. Keep it short - brief but frequent training sessions. 

All cats have different personalities and some will take to training quickly whilst others might take a bit more work but stick with it as results will be worth the effort. 

The biggest differences between training a cat vs a dog are:

  • Cats are solitary hunters and therefore more independent so their motivations are likely to be for personal benefit rather than a dog who are often eager to please!
  • Cats respond best to immediate rewards as they are not as adept as reading our body language as dogs. 
  • Cats do have good memories but once again their motivation to perform learned behaviours will be governed by personal benefit such as the immediacy of the reward

The are some further resources available if you want more advice and tips on how to train your cat such as on the Battersea Dog's and Cat's home website and advice on general behaviour can be found at the Cats Protection League website.

If you are looking for tasty training treats for your cat then check out DotDotPet's Multifit treats which come in dry or gummy format. They are super tasty but also have a raft of health benefits for your cat making them the perfect for any training you might have planned



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