No more bath time zoomies with ShineBright our dog friendly calming fragrance

Conditioning Dog Shampoos

Our dog shampoos are vegan, have a prebiotic, no nasties formulation with a no drip bottle. Helping take the stress out of bath time with our dog calming fragrance. Neofresh technology to deal with the worse smells your dog can find!

3 in 1 Conditioning Dog Shampoos Vegan, prebiotic formulation, formulated by coat type, neofresh technology for smelly dogs, Dog loved fragrance for a calmer bath time

Conditioning Shampoos for Dogs

From their sense of smell, type of coat, colour, size & personality; every dog is unique. We believe that dogs deserve products that recognise and celebrate their diversity

Our conditioning dog shampoos are formulated with your dog in mind.

Each of our conditioning shampoo for dogs features Shine Bright a calming fragrance for dogs as is kind to sensitive noses; helping reduce bath time zoomies and anxiety, leading to a calmer time time for you & your dog. Includes Neofresh technology to eliminate all malodours including fox poo!

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