3 in 1 Dog Shampoo Conditioner Volumising for Curly Haired Breeds

Our volumising conditioning dog shampoo is specifically formulated for dogs with curly coats, containing vegan biotin & olive oil for soft bouncy curls. Features Shine Bright our signature fragrance proven to help to reduce bath time zoomies & anxiety plus a prebio to promote a healthy skin & coat. The formulation is vegan containing no nasties making it kind to sensitive skin. Perfect for smelly dogs. Innovative easy to use no drip bottle.
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Key Features

Dog loved scent

A dog’s sense of smell is 40xs greater than ours. Shampoos designed for the human nose can be intolerable for dogs causing stress and anxiety related to bathing. Our signature scent Shine Bright is designed for, approved & loved by hundreds of dogs, helping keep your dog calm whilst being washed. It is also hypoallergenic making it kind to dogs even with sensitive skin. The benefits for you as a pet parent is our shampoo can help reduce the post bath zoomies!

Key Features

Neofresh Technology

Think fox poo, wet dog and dirty pond! The Neofresh technology in our fragrance can counter the worse smells you pooch can find by neutralising those unpleasant odours. Keeping your pup smelling fresher for longer.

Key Features

Unique easy to handle bottle

Our no drip bottle helps ensure no leakages of shampoo. Easy to grip and squeeze during bathing
designed to take the stress out of bath time for you and your pooch.

Why Choose Curly Coat Conditioning Dog Shampoo?

Crafted specifically for dogs with curly coats such as poodles, cockapoos, labradoodles, bichon frise. Our Curly Coat Shampoo features vegan biotin & olive oil to effectively moisturise the skin & leaving soft bouncy curls. Using gentle natural ingredients with a Prebio base, containing no nasties & is 100% vegan. Deep cleansing & easy rinsing your dog's skin and coat will be left looking and feeling fabulous, even those with sensitive skin.

Did you know?

The scent in many shampoos is intolerable for dogs, ever wondered why your pooch cannot wait to roll in the dirt or scooch around the house after a bath? This can cause anxiety and make bath time stressful for pet and parent. Our Shine Bright fragrance is loved by dogs and can help reduce bath related anxiety and associated behaviours.

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