DotDotPet Dog Eco Towels

Award winning Dog Eco Towels 100% natural, biodegradable, portable, disposable pet wipes. They are made from FSC certified materials are super soft, durable & absorbent making them an ideal choice for pet parents who's pups love a swim, mud bath or roll in something suspicious. Take them out on life's adventures or simply keep by back door to reduce the need for wet smelly towels in car or house.
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Product Details
  • Pack Size: 20 towels, 40cm x 80cm
  • Material: 100% natural fibres from FSC-friendly forests
  • Biodegradable
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Easy Disposal: Simply throw in bin when finished using

Key Features

Highly Absorbent & Quick Drying

Whether it is mid walk, post walk, swim, bath or hose down leave your dog dry and comfortable in no time; helping you keep your car and home clean.

Key Features


For mid-walk pub visit, post-walk clean up, a quick dip in the pond, camping trips, garden paw-drying, puppy training, lining cat carriers, maintaining small animal habitats Eco Towels can handle whatever adventures you and your pet gets up to. Single towels are small enough to folded up to fit in pocket or bag.

Key Features

Compact and Portable

Eco towels are easy to fold and pop in your pocket or bag, the convenient packaging easily fits in the car or cupboard at home. Meaning they can come with you on all of life's adventures, no more smelly towels by backdoor or in the car! Free up space in the home needed to dry all those wet dog towels! Great option for camping trips and dog friendly holidays.

Why Choose Eco Towels?

Our innovative Eco Towels are both convenient and sustainable

Biodegradable, decomposing within just 90 days after use

Crafted from 100% natural fibres sourced from FSC-certified forests, you can feel good about using products that are gentle on the planet 

Benefits for you:

Tired of keeping wet, dirty, smelly towels in the car or by backdoor? Run out of room at home drying wet dog towels? Caught out by an unexpected rain shower, or your beloved pooch found something fun to roll in or swim in?

Be prepared for whatever life and your pup throws at you with Eco Towels, easy to transport; keep a box in the car instead of a dirty towel, pop one in your pocket, ensuring you never get caught out again. Free up space at home by reducing the need to wash and dry so many towels.


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