The story behind our Dog Shampoo's pet preferred scent

The story behind our Dog Shampoo's pet preferred scent

The story behind our Dog Shampoo's pet preferred scent


At DotDotPet, we believe in putting pet’s first and the creation of our signature scent was no exception.

Studies show that dogs are very discerning when it comes to fragrance. This of course is not surprising, as our furry friends have over 300 million olfactory receptors compared our own 6 million (that’s 50 times greater than our own smelling power!).  The part of their brain that is dedicated to analysing smells is 40 times greater than ours too! Just like humans they have a clear preference for some odour types and clear dislikes for others.

We also know that bath time can often be a stressful experience for both dogs and pet parents but just because you love a certain fragrance it doesn’t mean that your dog shares the same taste! Knowing that disliking a scent can lead to poor behaviour and anxiety when grooming your pet, getting fragrance right was a key element of our product design.

Collaborating with one of the world’s leading fragrance houses and olfactive nose expert Denise Belcham our signature scent ‘SHINE BRIGHT’ has been designed to put the ‘power of pet preference’ first.  

To achieve it’s ‘Dog Loved’ status, SHINE BRIGHT has been assessed using a scientific methodology and given the paws up by dogs of all breeds and sizes.

We have however not neglected Pet Parents in our scent development! SHINE BRIGHT has also been designed to be joyful and mood boosting and has been evaluated by scores of Pet Parents to ensure our fragrance delivers a pleasurable delicious in use experience. 

Having a Dog Loved and Pet Parent approved scent is of course marvellous, but we also wanted it to be safe to skin and cover nasty doggy odours (think wet dog and fox poo!). Using clever scent design principles, our perfumer created SHINE BRIGHT to be hypoallergenic – gentle and kind to all dogs, even those with sensitive skins. The use of ‘NeoFresh’ TM technology ensures that our fragrance successfully counters any nasty odours to leave your dog smelling divine.

So, what does our signature scent actually smell of?!

The journey begins with a burst of mouthwatering energy. Radiant Pineapple, creamy coconut, crunchy green apple and playful raspberry come together to add a refreshing  vibrancy to your dog’s grooming routine. These delicious top notes fill the air with a cheerful and revitalizing aroma

As you continue to lather and cleanse SHINE BRIGHT reveals its heart notes. The elegance of Jasmine, the timeless allure of Rose, and the innocent serenity of Lily of the Valley intertwine to transport you to a walk in a beautifully fragrant garden. This floral blend adds a touch of class and grace to your dog's bathing experience, evoking a sense of gentle luxury

Our fragrance journey concludes with a warm and comforting embrace. Creamy Sandalwood, with its soothing precious woody richness, combines with fresh white musk to create a warm and inviting base. Ambery woods add depth and character, leaving a subtle but lasting impression that lingers on your dog's coat, ensuring they remain irresistibly huggable long after bath time…

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