Multifit Cat Supplements Immune Boosting Natural Treats for Cats

Multifit cat supplements naturally tackle inflammation the root cause of many health issues in cats. Featuring NutraPlasm, Multfit supplements for cats are scientifically proven to supercharge the immune system; positively impacting joint, muscle, digestive, skin, coat health and reducing anxiety. Multifit cat supplements are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids & functional proteins. Highly palatable containing only natural sustainable ingredients. Kind to cats with sensitive stomachs. 75gs of crunchy kibble in a pouch.

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Why are Multifit cat supplements the best for my cat's long term health?

Learn more about how Multifit cat supplements boost your cats immune system with some commonly asked questions below

Natural ingredients - Corn Flour, Chamomile, Carrot, Fish Oil, NutraPlasmCat - text highlighting that the Multifit cat treats are highly palatable - icon with thumbs upImmune Boosting effects of Multifit cat treats - improve skin/coat, muscle/joint, gut health reduce anxiety

Key Features

reveal-on-scroll="true">Immune boosting ingredients

Multifits cat supplements feature NutraPlasm a whole body health formulation which naturally aids your pet's defenses against inflammation.

Packed full of vitamins, minerals, functional proteins, and antioxidants for your cat.

NutraPlasm has scientifically proven whole body health benefits including improving skin & coat condition, muscle strength & joint mobility, gut health, cognition and reduction in anxiety & stress.

Key Features

reveal-on-scroll="true">Highly palatable cat supplements

NutraPlasm formulation is highly palatable for cats who find the taste delicious. Plasma is commonly used to boost palatability in pet food.

With our unique natural formulation, you can provide a highly palatable daily supplement for cats that is designed to boost vitality

Serve them daily for maximum benefit.

Key Features

reveal-on-scroll="true">Natural High Protein Cat Supplements

Multifit cat supplements are lovingly made with your cat's health and wellbeing in mind.

Made from a mixture of ingredients sourced locally to our factory or grown on the factory farm.

Multifit cat treats are highly palatable containing a mixture of natural proven ingredients with up to 75% of them grown locally to our manufacturing facility reducing food miles and CO2 impact:

NutraPlasma - Plasma + Collagen sourced as by product of human food chain helping reduce food waste - high in functional proteins, vitamins, minerals, animo acids

Young Wheat Grass - high in iron, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

Why Choose Multifit Cat Supplements?

Adding Multifit Supplements for cars to your cat's daily routine at any age is a fantastic way to maintain their health.

NutraPlasm helps supercharge your pets immune system, maintain normal joint, gut and respiratory function, promotes a healthy skin & coat, and can help your pet cope with stressful events.

Multifit cat supplement the perfect daily supplement

Come in 75g convenient pouch ensuring they remain fresh and delightful

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. Product benefits are supported by scientific research

Cat looking up why choose Multifit cat treats - immune boosting whole body health
Cat - text states visible results from Multifit cat treats NutraPlasm how it works - binds iron, fights bacteria, repairs cells, anti inflammatoryCat - text showing multifits are anti inflammatory - icon with thumbs up

Supercharging whole body health

reveal-on-scroll="true">Immune Boosting Supplements for Cats

NutraPlasm contains plasma and collagen powerful natural ingredients backed by decades of research that demonstrates proven whole body health benefits.

It is packed with vital vitamins & minerals, amino acids & functional proteins.

Consumed orally the functional proteins & amino acids help your pet's immune system respond more quickly and efficiently to impact of inflammation

Supercharging whole body health

reveal-on-scroll="true">Natural NutraPlasm formulation

NutraPlasm contains naturally occuring vitamins & minerals, functional proteins, amino acids and is highly palatable

  1. Transferrin - binds iron
  2. Lysozymes - attacks bacteria
  3. Growth factors - repairs cells
  4. Cytokines - anti-inflammatory
  5. IgG - binds to pathogens and toxins

Supercharging whole body health

reveal-on-scroll="true">Results you can see

NutraPlasm has scientific research showing that oral consumption can help promote a healthy skin & coat, aid in mobility, maintain normal intestinal health improving fecal output during periods of stress & improves social interactions & behaviour in aging pets. Multifits a daily vitality boost for your cat.


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